New at Pura Vida Wellness! Bliss Body Treatments by Donna O’Donnell, a modern approach of traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques for healing and well-being.

Blissful Facial

Kansa face massage is a holistic treatment that provides skin detoxification, reduces acidity, promotes lymphatic drainage and has a gentle uplifting effect on the skin.

Kansa is a bronze capped massage tool from India.  It’s use dates back to the Indus Valley region which is considered the cradle of all Ayurvedic healing techniques.  Kansa known as “the healing metal” has been used for centuries in India to improve health, increase energy, and reduce stress.

*  30 minute blissful treatment includes: organic face cleanse,  gentle face steam followed by marma face massage infusion with our locally-sourced organic jojoba oil~ $40

*  60 minute session includes all of the above with Kansa wand massage to the upper back, shoulder,neck and, optional scalp massage~ $70

Indian Head Massage

Coming Soon!

To book an appointment, please call (215) 938-8541

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