In an initial Ayurvedic consultation, an Ayurvedic Practitioner does a complete health intake, determines your dosha, or unique constitution, by asking a series of questions & doing pulse assessment, and addresses all of one’s health concerns. Once one’s dosha is established, expect a full lifestyle, nutrition & herbal protocol tailored to one’s unique needs. This takes about 2 hours. A follow-up is typically scheduled 4-6 weeks afterwards.

Depending on one’s needs, additional follow-up appointments will be recommended every couple weeks to every couple months. We also offer seasonal workshops with detailed instructions on how to maintain balance with each seasonal shift—see our current workshops here. Humans are a microcosm of a macrocosm, so with each seasonal shift brings changes within one’s body. Often time illness can be prevalent during these shifts if specific seasonal regimens are not followed to protect one’s constitutional balance.

Investment: $179 for a 2-hour initial Ayurvedic Consultation + 1-hour follow-up

To book an appointment, please call (215) 938-8541

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