How to Get The Most Out of Your Wellness Protocol + Free Download

by Lynn Roberts, Wellness Practitioner & day-to-day Manager of Pura Vida Wellness

  1. Remember to Take Your Herbs & Supplements

It may sound like a simple step, but sometimes taking your herbs & supplements can slip your mind. Try keeping them in an accessible place in the morning, in sight. Remember—out of sight, out of mind! It also helps to keep your protocol posted in a visible place, like the fridge or taped on your bathroom mirror (see the bottom of this post for a free fill-in schedule download).

Most herbs & supplements work best when taken 2-3x throughout the day. Consistent administration keeps them in your system and aids with absorption. If you are directed to take them 3 or more times daily, that means remembering to take them with you when you leave the house. Try designating a compartment in your purse, lunch bag, or backpack for your bottles and containers.

Your practitioner may recommend taking certain herbs or supplements with food, before food, or after food. Do your best to take them as directed, if that is too difficult just remember the most important thing is to take them! Remembering to take them after you wake up and before you go to bed are the most important times.

  1. Give It Time

Expecting deep-set chronic pain to go away moments, days, or weeks after beginning to take an anti-inflammatory herb like turmeric is not realistic. Some systems of holistic medicine believe it takes 35 days of consistent dietary change or usage of herb and supplements for the change to begin in your deeper tissues. Keep in mind that the tissues in our bodies that are reached first are the blood, lymph and muscle tissue. So if the imbalance lies there you may find results a little quicker than deeper tissues like the fat, bone, nerve or reproductive tissue.

  1. Don’t Run Out!

Call your wellness practitioner, health food store, or wellness center to make sure your herbs & supplements are in stock. And make sure they know to keep those items in stock for you! Give them a few days to a week to re-stock if out-of-stock.

  1. Be in Communication with Your Wellness Practitioner

If you aren’t getting the results you need from your current herb & supplement protocol, speak with your Wellness Practitioner.

Below is your FREE download of our Herbs & Supplements Fill-In Schedule. Use this to help keep you on track on your journey to wellness!

Herbs & Supplements Schedule

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