How can our Wellness Practitioners can help you today?


Pura Vida Wellness Shop & Studio is a mecca for those seeking guidance through the maze of information available about alternative, holistic solutions to ultimately find and maintain good health. 

We are stocked & staffed by various Wellness Practitioners, at hand at all times to help you choose the best products for you. Meet our staff here…

Health-seekers can enjoy the variety of holistic products in our shop, ranging from Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Teas and Spices, to Homeopathic, Natural Pet, Essential Oil, and Natural Beauty solutions. Learn more about our products here…

We also offer many weekly Yoga & Meditation Classes and Educational Workshops.

Our Holistic Services include Ayurvedic Consultations, Health Coaching, Massage & Facials, Reflexology, and Reiki.

Please stop in, write to us, or call (215) 938-8541 with any questions you may have.


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